Imagine Series 351T

Imagine Series 351T

The Imagine Series 351T captivates the audience and organist with magnificent true-to-life pipe organ samples. The organ features 51 main pipe organ stops, including Chimes and Zimbelstern. Each drawknob represents four selectable stops, resulting in a total of 198 Voice Palette™ stops spread across 4 unique organ styles: American Eclectic, English Cathedral, French Romantic and German Baroque.

The Imagine 351T showcases the same specifications and features as the 351D but has been equipped with elegant illuminated stoptabs for at-a-glance identification and intuitive navigation. The organ offers an incomparable level of quality, comfort and convenience with attention paid to every detail. The soft “candlelight” illumination provides an ideal setting for the organist to focus on playing without distraction.


In addition to the 198 Voice Palette™ stops, the customizable Organ Stop Library provides another 88 pipe organ stops and ensembles while the Orchestral Library offers 37 premium orchestral voices. With a total of 323 choices at their fingertips, organists can create personalized registrations for any style and period of organ literature.

Opening up a new world of countless possibilities for organ registration, real-time stop selection enables advanced mix-and-match capabilities, going above and beyond the typical digital organ. Direct Streaming, a highly sophisticated technology featuring powerful ultra-fast computer processors and enhanced working memory, provides state-of-the-art operation and seamless integration.

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