St. Peter’s, Oakland Installs New Rodgers Organ

Saint Peter’s in Oakland, California is a founding member of the Anglican Province of Christ the King ( and serves as the Pro-Cathedral of its Diocese of the Western States, Archbishop James E. Provence, Diocesan Ordinary. St. Peter’s was established in 1913. In 1957 the cornerstone was laid for the construction of the present building, which incorporated many memorials and brilliant stained glass windows. The Reverend Robert Sherwood Morse, today Archbishop Emeritus, served as Rector from 1966 to 1984. The Reverend Michael Mautner currently serves as Rector of the parish. James Mayer, a graduate from Cornell University, has faithfully served this congregation for 37 years as Organist and Choirmaster. Installed in November, the new Rodgers 3-manual 589 replaces a 2-manual pipe organ, which was built by the Bennett Theater Pipe Organ Company, Rock Island, Illinois in the 1920’s, removed from a theater and installed during the building of St. Peter’s in 1957. The Rodgers 589 classical organ is the very latest in digital technology, built with Rodgers exclusive SSC (Sound System Chip) tone generation technology for realistic pipe organ sound, increased reliability and better energy efficiency. The Rodgers 589 has 158 pipe organ voices in the main organ and an additional 89 in alternate settings. These stops are created from stereophonic recordings of world-class pipe organs. There are also an additional 32 orchestral voices, which are recordings from world-class orchestras. There are 8 independent stereo channels in the main organ, which emanate from the pipe chambers, located in the rear choir loft. An additional 2 independent channels form the antiphonal division, which is located high up in the chancel area. Each channel is powered by a 125-Watt digital amplifier, totaling an impressive 1,250 Watts. The organ is powerful, but not loud. The instrument was purchased through Robert Tall & Associates, Inc., Rodgers northern California representatives, who also completed the installation and tonal finishing. (See more pictures under Recent Installations.)