San Francisco AGO meets at St. Dominic’s Catholic Church

St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, San Francisco

On June 9th, the San Francisco chapter of the American Guild of Organists held their annual meeting at St. Dominic’s Catholic Church. The meeting was preceded by a dinner in the Parish Hall and followed by a member’s recital in the Sanctuary. Simon Berry, Director of Music and Organist at St. Dominic’s, is Dean of the SFAGO Chapter and not only presided at both the meeting and the concert, but concluded the program by playing Noel Rawsthorne’s very humorous, Hornpipe Humoresque. It was great fun!   Others on the program included, James Armstrong, Robert Train Adams, Jane

Rodgers Custom 4-manual Digital Organ

Rosenblum, John Karl Hirten, John Walker, Larry Marietta, James Alward, Katya Kolesnikova, and Andrew Chislett. The organ is a Rodgers 4-manual custom digital organ, which served well for a program titled, “A Program of Encores.” The Rodgers was installed in 2000, when the ventil stop action of the pipe organ finally broke beyond repair. It is planned that the pipe organ will someday be restored. St. Dominic’s Church is an historic landmark and artistic treasure serving nearly 3,000 parishioners in a hub of cultural and civic activity.