Rodgers Instruments Has A New Owner

In January 2016, the Vandeweerd family from Holland acquired Rodgers Instruments from the Roland Corporation. The Vandeweerd family has achieved worldwide success for decades with prominent organ brands Johannus, Makin, and Copeman Hart. Now with Rodgers Instruments as their newest family member, the Vandeweerds are the world’s market leader for digital and hybrid pipe organs. The family has a great love of the authentic pipe organ sound, and for decades has been dedicated to incorporating this sound into high-quality digital organs.

Founded in 1958, the Rodgers Instruments company is an undisputed leader in the American organ market, having produced complete pipe organs, hybrid pipe/digital organs, and prestigious digital organs. After Rodgers became a subsidiary of Roland in 1988, Rodgers position was further elevated with industry-leading technological advances from the engineering teams of Rodgers and Roland. Rodgers has maintained its industry position as a premium brand and the musician’s preferred choice for nearly 60 years.

The Vandeweerd family is committed to excellence and to build upon the renowned reputation of the Rodgers company and their organs. The successful and passionate network of Rodgers dealers was a key factor that drew them toward this acquisition. Rodgers Instruments has been, is, and will remain an American made organ, with their distinct and universal American classic sound, plus many features including immediately available European organ stop selections and premium orchestral voices. Rodgers future is solid and very bright under the new owners.