Renowned Organist Receives A Special Gift From A Friend

Dr. James Welch, organist of Santa Clara University, as well as of several churches in the Palo Alto area, is now happy to have a Rodgers organ in his home. The organ has an interesting history: it was first sold in 1988–25 years ago–to a student of Dr. Welch’s who lived in Utah. After the owner passed away several years later, the organ was acquired by another of Dr. Welch’s students who lives in northern California. The organ served him well until this year when that owner retired from playing the organ. He offered the organ to Dr. Welch, who was pleased to receive it for his home studio.

Dr. James Welch at home on Rodgers organ

Dr. Welch has another reason he’s glad to have an organ at home: he has a 15-year old son who now plays the organ very well (and even plays regularly for the family’s LDS church services). Having a practice organ at home is a real advantage for the family. Even after 25 years the organ is in outstanding condition and sounds great.