Our Lady of Joy Catholic Church, Carefree, Arizona

In 1964, 25 Catholic families began gathering for Sunday Mass at the popular Carefree Inn. A visiting priest would say mass for the Catholics living in the far Northwest section of the “desert foothills” area of Maricopa County. At that time, the mission in Carefree, Arizona was a part of the Diocese of Tucson, and a mission of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Scottsdale. Over 8 years, and after gaining another 45 families, Our Lady of Joy was established as a parish on November 14, 1972. The Catholic Church of Carefree under the continued patronage of the Mother of our Lord, Our Lady of Joy, was dedicated on November 8th 1987. The original Church was able to seat about 450 people for each mass. In 1995 the church was expanded to its present size and configuration. Reverend Jess G. Ty is the Parochial Administrator with two priests, a staff of nineteen serving some 1800 families. Michael Parker, Director of Liturgical Worship, is a fine musician trained both on the piano and the organ. Roberta Klodt, Assistant Organist, wrote: “Thank you for the installation of this magnificent instrument. For me, it is the realization of a dream that began in 2005. Now that dream has come true.” Ray and Roberta Klodt have recently installed a new 2-manual Rodgers organ in their north Scottsdale residence. (Detailed information about Mrs. Klodt’s Rodgers organ installation is written above.) Robert Tall & Associates. Inc. Rodgers representatives based in Glendale, California was given the opportunity to work with Our Lady of Joy Catholic Church to help in the selection of an instrument worthy of their beautiful space. A Rodgers 3-manual Infinity 361 was selected and installed the week of November 4th by Robert Knight Pipe Organ Company, San Diego, California. The results are a magnificent instrument complete with a Main organ division in the front of the church and Antiphonal and Trumpeteria divisions in the rear. The Infinity 361 is based on digital recordings of world-class organs in America, France, Germany and England. The 361 also has a contemporary side which features recorded samples from famous symphony orchestras. This organ is an instrument of cathedral dimension which will enhance the worship experience and serve both the church and the community for many years to come.