Los Altos Church Gets New Rodgers Organ

Immanuel Lutheran Church, Los Altos, is blessed with a wonderful worship space that is pleasing both to the eyes and the ears. A 2-manual Rodgers from the 70’s was moved from its former location, which is now the Fellowship Hall, to the new Sanctuary when it was completed in 1996. Having served the congregation well for over 40 years, it is understandable that the organ selection committee would recommend the purchase of a new Rodgers, when funds became available. A new Rodgers 3-manual 588 was installed in May.

Lynda Alexander, Organist

Church Exterior

The Main organ emanates from a chamber space nearly 30 feet above the altar and speaks down the long axis of the room. A secondary sound system, which can be controlled from the console at the will of the organist, supports both the Choir and Contemporary Musicians. In a room constructed of hard surfaces, the organ enjoys a space that is kind to sound. The church is doing well under the leadership of Pastor David Schick, and Lynda Alexander, Organist.

Church Interior