James Welch in concert on new Rodgers installation in Mountain View

Patricia Eldred & James Welch

James Welch recently played a concert on the new 2-manual Rodgers Allegiant 678 organ in the chapel at Redwood Villa Park Retirement Community in Mountain View. In his entertaining style, Dr. Welch played a program including works from Bach to Wagner, taking time to please the crowd with Leroy Anderson’s Plink, Plank, Plunk, Webber’s Phantom of the Opera medley, and Porter Heaps Bach to the Old Corral. Patricia Eldred, a well-known area church organist and a resident at the Villa Park facility, donated the organ. It was installed in February this year. It is a versatile instrument being capable of playing the music of all styles. In addition to the organ voices, the Allegiant 678 has several internal orchestral voices for immediate use to the organist. Dr. Welch made good use of these additional sounds during his program.