James Mayer dedicates new Rodgers organ in Oakland

Bob Tall, Jim Mayer, Reverend Michael Mautner, Blaine Ricketts

On Saturday, June 7th, James Mayer, Director of Music and Organist at St. Peter’s Church in Oakland played a dedication program on their new 3-manual Rodgers Artist Series 589. The organ is installed in the rear gallery and includes an Antiphonal division in the front of the church. Jim made good use of these divisions during his performance of music featuring the works of Pepping, Balbastre, Cabezón, Messaien, Pachelbel, Walther, Langlais, Alain and Byrd. The Rodgers 589 has the ability to play in four different genres, American Classic, English Cathedral, French Romantic and German. It can also play in several authentic tunings, all of which Jim explored during his programming of music from a wide range of composers. Jim also played Four American Folk Hymns Settings by Wilbur Held, which were a great hit with the audience. He made liberal use of the internal orchestral instruments, such as Harpsichord, Orchestral Oboe, Clarinet and Chimes.