Historic San Francisco Church Installs New Rodgers Infinity

Hamilton Square Baptist Church

Hamilton Square Baptist Church is located one block from the heart of San Francisco’s municipal center at the corner of Geary and Franklin streets. The current building, dating back to 1948, is a 26,000 square foot facility of beautiful Spanish architecture with an award winning courtyard of scenic gardens and a fountain. It all began in 1881 as Zion Baptist Church. The membership grew rapidly and changed locations and buildings several times before settling in its present location. It has been blessed with a number of prominent Pastors, including the present Pastor, Dr. David C. Innes, who was appointed in 1977. On celebration of the church’s 100th Anniversary, a new three-manual Rodgers organ was purchased to replace a six-rank Wurlitzer pipe organ. On October 23, 1982 it was dedicated in a concert of sacred music performed by Dr. Ed Dunbar. The organ was installed and voiced by the late Ted Alan Worth, who was Rodgers Bay Area representative. In December 2013, Robert Tall & Associates, Inc., currently Rodgers Bay Area representative, was awarded a contract to replace the existing Rodgers with a new state-of-the-art three-manual Rodgers Infinity 361. Installation was completed by Robert Knight Pipe Organ Builders of San Diego, California. Dr. Robert Tall accomplished the tonal finishing in consultation with Dr. David Innes, Pastor and Dr. Kenon Renfrow, School of Fine Arts at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. Dr. Renfrow played a dedication service on Sunday, February 2, 2014. Having worked with Roland and Rodgers products in the past, Dr. Renfrow became immediately comfortable with the numerous features of the “Modern Organ” and presented a fascinating program showing all the bells, whistles and much, much more! The new Rodgers Infinity 361 is installed with a double audio system for the main organ in the pulpit area and an Antiphonal system and Trompeteria division in the rear of the church building. It has 61 basic stops, plus 135 Voice Palette stops for a total of 196 real-time available stops, equivalent to 301 pipe ranks. As a gift of appreciation, Robert Tall & Associates, at no additional cost, replaced a small Hammond spinet in the chapel with an AGO pedalboard Rodgers two-manual chapel organ. (See more pictures under Recent Installations.)