Christian Lentz

Robert Tall & Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Christian Lentz as the newest member to our association.  He brings both digital and pipe organ skills to our operation, through years of experience in both aspects of the Modern Organ.    Throughout his life, Christian has been surrounded by music: in his family home, during piano lessons & choir practices and through his studies in music education. After some time in the corporate world, Christian found himself once again surrounded by music, this time as a career. Christian spent six years with the organ building firm Nichols & Simpson in Little Rock, Arkansas, and learn the art of organ building,  becoming an expert installer, technician and voicer.    In 2010 Christian moved to Las Vegas and recently began work with Robert Tall & Associates, Inc. He maintains area pipe organs while serving in his new role as a Rodgers organ expert, working with existing and new Rodgers installations, both digital and combination instruments in the greater Las Vegas area.