Featured Installations

St. Catherine of Siena has been an integral part of the history of Martinez, and California, since the 19th Century. Prior to the California Gold Rush of 1849, Martinez was part of Mexican territory and was a pastoral valley divided up into Spanish Ranchos. St. Catherine of Siena is one of the oldest parishes in the Diocese of Oakland. In late 2019, when St. Dominic’s San Francisco installed their new Walker hybrid organ, the existing 4-manual Rodgers Trillium organ became available to St. Catherine’s. Robert Tall & Associates, Inc. was contracted to move the organ from St. Dominic’s to St. Catherine of Siena and install it with 28 independent audio channels. In addition to the main organ, installed in the rear balcony of the church, there is a 6-channel Choir Monitor system installed above and to the right of the choir (which is located on the main floor adjacent to the altar area.) Also, there is a 4-channel Antiphonal system and a 2-channel Trumpeteria installed above and behind the altar.

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