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When Robert Tall moved from Glendale, California to his new residence in Palm Springs, California, it was clear his custom 3-manual Rodgers Masterpiece organ, lovingly known as “Big Mama”, was too big for the Palm Springs home. It was at that same time the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Glendale, Arizona was in the process of finding a new organ to replace their 30-year old Rodgers. Their church was the perfect place for Big Mama, large chambers to house the 22 independent channels and a near perfect acoustical environment. It was important that Big Mama find a loving new home and fortuitous that the she would move from Glendale, California to Glendale, Arizona! Loma Linda SDA University organist, Kemo Smith, played the dedication. Robert Tall and Frederick Swann followed in separate concert shortly afterwards.

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