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In late July 2012, the installation of a new organ was completed in the spacious sanctuary at the historic Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano in Southern California. It is a large custom 4-manual (keyboard) instrument built in the USA by the Rodgers Instrument Company of Hillsboro, Oregon, the world’s leading builder of classical digital organs. Rodgers was a member of the Roland Corporation, the world’s largest builder of digital musical instruments. The specification was created specifically for this special space by Hector Olivera, world renowned organist and Rodgers tonal director, Dan Miller, Rodgers product manager and Dr. Robert Tall, southern California Rodgers area representative. This team created the custom stoplist in consultation with Monsignor Arthur Holquin, Rector and Christine Dow, Principal Organist. As can be seen by reading the stoplist, this instrument has the capability of authentically performing the literature of all music periods with a special flare for the Spanish. Capable of filling a large space of Cathedral/Basilica dimension, this organ has 80 stop positions of which an additional 138 can be accessed through Rodgers proprietary Voice Palette™ system. All total it has 218 stops, 4 percussions, a Zimbelstern (Campanitas) and a Soprano Ah. It is the equivalent to a pipe organ of an impressive 312 pipe ranks. Of particular note is this instrument’s 62 rank Pedal Division boasting four 32-foot stops and a large scaled 64-foot Gravissima! There are 7 divisions, Great, Swell, Choir, Solo, Pedal, Antiphonal and Trumpeteria, which play through 28 audio channels. Carefully positioned around the perimeter of the Grand Retablo are 20 main speakers, which are installed in such a way as to utilize the curved apsal walls of the Basilica to “throw” the sound out into the nave area. In the Narthex or baptismal area of the Basilica, there is a high window behind which 8 additional speakers comprise both an Antiphonal Division and a Trumpeteria. The Antiphonal Division creates a surround sound that appropriately fills the entire Basilica with the additional advantage of providing organ support for congregational singing for those seated in the back area of the Basilica Nave and Narthex. On special occasions, such as weddings and other major feasts when the liturgical procession will enter from the great doors of the Basilica, the “Trompeta San Juan” will speak from the Trumpeteria to announce the entrance of the Bride! A comprehensive MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) system offers an additional selection of pipe organ sounds as well as those sounds from instruments of renowned orchestras (London and Prague), the human voice and those of ethnic origin. Based on Rodgers/Roland cutting edge technology, Parallel Digital Imaging, the Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano Organ is the very latest in digital sampling technology and classical organ sound reproduction. Rodgers is not only the leader in classical organ digital technology, it is the first organ company to implement lead-free manufacturing in compliance with RoHS Standards (Restrictive Use of Hazardous Substances), a European directive to reduce various know hazardous substances in products using computer electronics. A Masterpiece, friendly to both the listener and the environment.

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