Featured Installations

Robert Tall & Associates, Inc. recently completed the installation of a Rodgers 3-manual Infinity Organ together with a 6-rank Paragon Pipe Division at Desert Hills Presbyterian Church in Carefree, Arizona. This is RTA’s second large hybrid organ in Carefree, the first was installed a year ago in the beautiful sanctuary at Our Lady of Joy Catholic Church. Desert Hills Presbyterian Church is a remarkable 1975 edifice built into and over the famous Boulders Rock formation. The congregation enjoys an active Music Ministry and organ is a central part of the worship experience. Former Rodgers president, Lloyd Meyer and his wife, Donna, both professional musicians and dedicated to excellence, had a goal for their church to install an instrument which would lead the congregation in the singing of the great hymns of faith and accompanies the choir in the singing of all worship literature. This instrument represents one of the best hybrid organs RTA has ever achieved. The Paragon Pipe Division with 6-ranks and 381 pipes, is a brilliant addition to the Rodgers 361 digital organ. It is also the 290th hybrid organ installed by RTA over its 48 history with Rodgers organs. Bob Knight, Knight Pipe Organ Company, Ramona, California and Christian Lentz, Lentz technical services, Las Vegas, Nevada worked with RTA in the design, construction and tonal finishing.

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