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A Message from Sean Fullerton – Church of the Epiphany, San Carlos

I am in love with our new Rodgers 599 Artist! The name Artist is very apt, because the sound quality which this instrument produces is worthy of the finest masterworks, whether baroque, classical, romantic or modern. This organ does it all, and does it well.

Whether composing, improvising, or accompanying soloists, choirs and congregations, this is a soulful dream instrument, with achingly gorgeous sounds and power beyond belief. Incredible!

I must thank Dr. Robert Tall for his infinite patience in working with us at Church of the Epiphany, San Carlos. (Bless you, my friend!) This organ sounds as superb as it does because of Bob’s golden ears: the voicings, the speaker placement, the overall balancing reflects the taste level and knowledge of this artistic man.

This instrument is lifting our church services to a new palpable level. Our members love to sing and this organ elevates our spirit beyond what I ever dreamed possible.

Bravo, Rodgers! Your instruments are peerless.

-Sean Fullerton
Assistant Music Director and Organist
Church of the Epiphany, San Carlos

Church of the Epiphany, San Carlos, California
Sean helps remove old speakers from chamber. A hands on musician!
Church of the Epiphany, San Carlos, California
Sean helps remove amplifiers from former system!
Church of the Epiphany, San Carlos, California
Master musician at work
Church of the Epiphany, San Carlos, California
The first “test drive” with Sean and Bob. It’s an awesome sound!

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A New Rodgers for an Historic California Church

Robert Tall & Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce the completion of a new Rodgers 3-manual Artist Series 599 in the sanctuary of Church of the Epiphany, San Carlos, California. We are grateful for the unanimous support of the organ research committee, Reverend Melanie Donahoe, Rector, Alan Gates, Associate Rector, Andrew Hathaway, Music Director and Sean Fullerton, Assistant Music Director and organist. 

Church of the Epiphany dates back to 1947, the present sanctuary was constructed and dedicated in March 1959. The church has an active outreach program which not only serves within its own parish, but promotes and supports activities within the San Francisco Bay Area, the United States and internationally. It has a full-time youth minister with multiple youth activities which began at its founding in 1947. 

Music is an important part of the worship experience at Church of the Epiphany. Director of Music, Andrew Hathaway oversees a music program, which includes the Chapel Choir, the Youth Choir and inclusion of other professional musicians to augment worship services. Gifted organist, Sean Fullerton, has an impressive background in piano and organ. He is comfortable playing all styles of music and will create magic using the sounds and features on the new Rodgers 599. An instrument worthy of his fine talent! 

Robert Knight, Knight Pipe Organ Company, San Ramon, California was contracted to perform the installations. It is truly a remarkable instrument much of it due to the fine acoustics of the church interior. On each side of the altar walls there are large chambers to accommodate the speakers and give room for the sound to develop with in the chamber space. There is an Antiphonal Division emanating from the rear balcony, which engages the listener into the sound field, supporting congregational singing at its best. 

Church of the Epiphany, San Carlos, California
Wonderful acoustics in church interior
Church of the Epiphany, San Carlos, California
Bob Tall, Rector Melanie Donahoe, Organist Sean Fullerton, Associate Rector Alan Gates
Church of the Epiphany, San Carlos, California
Awesome when the church organist works with installers!
Church of the Epiphany, San Carlos, California
Out with the old…

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Rodgers Instruments Has A New Owner

In January 2016, the Vandeweerd family from Holland acquired Rodgers Instruments from the Roland Corporation. The Vandeweerd family has achieved worldwide success for decades with prominent organ brands Johannus, Makin, and Copeman Hart. Now with Rodgers Instruments as their newest family member, the Vandeweerds are the world’s market leader for digital and hybrid pipe organs. The family has a great love of the authentic pipe organ sound, and for decades has been dedicated to incorporating this sound into high-quality digital organs.

Founded in 1958, the Rodgers Instruments company is an undisputed leader in the American organ market, having produced complete pipe organs, hybrid pipe/digital organs, and prestigious digital organs. After Rodgers became a subsidiary of Roland in 1988, Rodgers position was further elevated with industry-leading technological advances from the engineering teams of Rodgers and Roland. Rodgers has maintained its industry position as a premium brand and the musician’s preferred choice for nearly 60 years.

The Vandeweerd family is committed to excellence and to build upon the renowned reputation of the Rodgers company and their organs. The successful and passionate network of Rodgers dealers was a key factor that drew them toward this acquisition. Rodgers Instruments has been, is, and will remain an American made organ, with their distinct and universal American classic sound, plus many features including immediately available European organ stop selections and premium orchestral voices. Rodgers future is solid and very bright under the new owners.

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