Hybrid Installations

New Robert Tall Residence Organ What would be the dining room in Robert Tall’s new Palm Springs home became the music salon. It is ideal because of its size and location just inside the front entrance of the home. The pipe façade was acquired from the late Ruth Charles estate and is a handsome enclosure for the audio equipment. Although the pipes don’t speak, one gets the impression the sound is coming from them. The lower tones come from speakers within the towers, while the higher frequencies, 4’ and 2’ stops, come from satellite speakers mounted on the rear wall of the middle compartment. There are two Antiphonal speakers mounted in the corners of the opposite wall. The surround system draws the listener into the sound field and makes one believe you are actually inside a pipe chamber! The organ is a 3-manual Rodgers Infinity 361. The room is kind to sound with high ceilings, marble floors and hard plaster walls. Bob calls his new organ Big Mama 2, since his former organ, Big Mama is now installed in the Glendale, Arizona Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is remarkable that Big Mama moved from Glendale, California and now lives in Glendale, Arizona!