Featured Installations

A beautiful Lutheran ECLA Church on Carmel Valley Road, Carmel, California founded on May 1, 1966. The church needed a new organ, but had limited funds. Eventually, a pre-owned Rodgers 2-manual Insignia digital organ became available from a San Diego church that was closing. The organ was loved by the people and a promise was make that Robert Tall & Associates, Inc. would find a new home where the instrument would be appreciated and cared for it as they had.

Fortunately, the timing was perfect and the organ was recently installed for Robert Tall & Associates, Inc. by Robert Knight, Knight Pipe Organ Company, Ramona, California. It was a “glove that fit the hand” both in sound and budget. The results are amazing, the room has fine acoustics. The organist, Lindamarie Rosier, has a Master’s Degree in organ performance and now can enjoy an instrument worthy of her talent and musical skills.

Reverend Don Larson, Pastor
Lowell Batcher, President of the Congregation
Robert Tall, President Robert Tall & Associates, Inc.